Devon Levine

b. 1991, Montreal QC, Canada

Devon Levine is a multidisciplinary artist based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

With a formal background in photography, he approaches his sculptural practice toying with the idea of making the permanent impermanent. His sculptural collages and assemblies of objects are always a sneeze away from collapse, often balancing on, or being held together by, pressure or tension created between them.

The sculptures have strong elements of play and organization, wherein the artist is constantly arranging and rearranging the pieces; therefore, they are never truly finished - instead they can be rearranged and re-assembled to suit the space it inhabits.

Influenced by the late media theorist Marshall McLuhan, Levine uses found objects that belong to borderline anachronistic technologies as sculptural building blocks. Although the work may often appear stark and minimal, it is the deeply intimate and personal act of touch and arranging and rearranging of these objects that creates meaning; new life is given to them once again.

Through this transformation, attention is called to the transitory qualities of technology. What is left behind after we move on? The objects become hollow shells of something that used to be. Levine creates moments which are neither stable, certain or steady for the viewers to experience.


2014-2018 BFA, W/Distinction, Photography, Concordia University, Montreal, QC

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